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He added that the retreat was organised to appreciate the stage of each of the bills in order for the two chambers to increase the cooperation they had and be consensus ad idem . Examples of Conjecture in a sentence. Since the police have not given a statement yet, the reporter can only make a conjecture about the crisis. 🔊. Because the scientist had only conjecture to back up his untested theory, he doubted if the university would offer him any research funds. 🔊 Consensus in a sentence | consensus example sentences. We will reach a consensus and we.

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There’s a broad consensus among bond investors that if rates on longer-term government debt start to creep up, as they’ve occasionally threatened to, then the Fed can and will step in. Find more ways to say consensus, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus ‘a consensus of opinion among judges’ ‘The general consensus of opinion has it that love is not a good thing for professional sportsmen.’ ‘The general consensus is that they are in public life for what they can get out of it.’ ‘The general consensus is that faith in an afterlife is a positive psychological state.’ 2021-04-24 · Consensus definition: A consensus is general agreement among a group of people. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples 2021-01-31 · A consensus sequence is a set of proteins in DNA that appears regularly. Statistically, scientists can classify genetic sequences to look for patterns.

Reacting to criticism that sentencing practices in the   20 Nov 2014 PDF | Automatically describing an image with a sentence is a long-standing challenge in computer vision and natural language processing. The panel achieved a final consensus one-sentence definition and accompanying goals statement: ''Advance care planning is a process that supports adults at  Synonyms of consensus. Synonyms in Telugu, ఒప్పందం,అంగీకారం ,ఐకమత్యం.

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47] ”should be complemented with a sentence. those projections as representing the consensus view of the Committee or as also agreed to add a sentence indicating that, in light of “global economic and  sentence/verdict. - ovillkorlig.

Consensus in a sentence

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An opinion or position reached by a group as a whole. (noun) Consensus sentence & words in English. November 12, 2019 by admin Leave a Comment.

The consensus that goes to prove that they will eat together. 2. There was a consensus of opinion as to  Consensus sentence example · In general, the learned consensus dubbed the whole business with indifference. · It took several hours for the jury to come to a  73 How do we assess if consensus is achieved?
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Consensus in a sentence

2 : group solidarity in sentiment and belief. Examples of general consensus in a sentence, how to use it. 18 examples: This review has shown that there is a general consensus that bilinguals rely on… Examples of consensus in a sentence: 1. The consensus of antiquity.

The literature varies on the author's description of picky and fussy eaters and there doesn't appear to be a general consensus  How to use integration in a sentence.
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3 There is a consensus among teachers that children should have a broad understanding of the world. 4 It is difficult to reach a consensus about electoral reform.

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2. This, she says, is because of the consensus of opinion that arsenic is deadly. 3. But the consensus even of French etymo Examples of consensus in a Sentence Yet despite this and other dust-ups during the convention, the general consensus is that Episcopalians weathered this one with their customary civility intact. — Antonio Ramirez, Commonweal, 12 Sept. 1997 Despite years of debate over the best wine to serve at Thanksgiving, no real consensus has emerged.

This entails a look  12 Nov 2020 In this paper, we investigate to improve sentence classification by multilingual data augmentation and consensus learning. Comparing to  12 Nov 2019 Current automatic approaches extract associations by considering each abstract or sentence independently. This approach could potentially lead  Tautology is a specific type of redundancy in the English language, which occurs when a sentence uses two words with identical or very similar meanings in close   6 Oct 2015 Extracted all those sentences from the corpus for which there was consensus among the judges on their emotion category. Assigned all  Definition of consensus noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary.